Mobile audience put together 65 percent of the overall media time spent in digital space, meanwhile the portion of users operating the PC progressively becomes a “back-burner”. The recent release published by comScore comprises a substantial amount of data disclosing and explaining the switch in the way users act in the internet examining the amount […]

Can you tell the number of leads your company is currently generating? How many of them are hot? How big is the rate of warm or cold leads? However, if your business cannot manage to convert them, the amount of leads does not actually matter. What you should think of is the quality of incoming […]

Want to stop your company suffering from unfavorable search results? Or maybe your brand feels shortage of mentioning in the query results? Actually, there is no difference which variation of the dilemma one may face as the proven way to solve such kind of issue lies in building up a proper online reputation plan. This […]

If you want to multiply your chances of closing a deal and sell your product or service, follow safe and proven in business method, and try to find a personal way to reach a customer. Such approach is true both for the internet sale or the way a local store in any town works. These […]