Having a business is not just about the products you are selling. Nowadays, having a successful business means you have to know how to sell your products and how to have more and more people interested in you. You can’t just expect people to come to you, you must learn how to “seduce” them and […]

As years passed, the Internet has become more important than ever. Therefore, it comes as no wonder that, yet again, internet search rates have increased tremendously in the year of 2016. Due to this yearly increase, search engines do what they can to keep up with online necessities, and this generally comes in the form […]

When it comes to SEO optimizing, one of the first questions that come to mind is what is more important: quantity or quality? Many would respond that quality tops quantity, but speaking from a PPC marketing agency’s point of view, saying that is not that simple. PPC stands for pay-per-click, a type of internet marketing […]

Great news from annual Google Performance Summit! AdWords is being enhanced by expanded text ads. It’s a whole new level in ads world! What this means is that the new ads have 30-character headlines and one 80-character description line. Two 15-character path fields that can be personalized are included in these ads. The user will […]

As most of the people in the advertising business surely now till now, AdWords is a pay-per-click online advertising service offered by Google. Until recent years, Google’s AdWords hadn’t changed that much since its launch in 2000. However, as of its reinvention in 2013, new features were introduced, and at first they didn’t seem that […]

Did you know that retargeted ads have a 76% percent higher chance of being clicked on by potential clients? This is because they are tailored to suit the needs of users that have already visited your website in the past. As you can imagine, selecting the best target audience is a sure way to increase […]

Mobile audience put together 65 percent of the overall media time spent in digital space, meanwhile the portion of users operating the PC progressively becomes a “back-burner”. The recent release published by comScore comprises a substantial amount of data disclosing and explaining the switch in the way users act in the internet examining the amount […]

Want to stop your company suffering from unfavorable search results? Or maybe your brand feels shortage of mentioning in the query results? Actually, there is no difference which variation of the dilemma one may face as the proven way to solve such kind of issue lies in building up a proper online reputation plan. This […]

Take a thoughtful look at ‘account-based’ methods to know how you can benefit from the approach. Probably, you have heard of account-based marketing with its account-focused prospecting and sales. It seems this buzzword lately is what everyone is talking about. The approach is not yet as widespread as MBO’s, Business Process Optimisation, Six Sigma, or […]