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Page Traffic

High-ranking page traffic is the most visible marker of success when running a website. Having your page ranked as #1 on search engines means more and more traffic, and therefore more and more success in the Internet business. But how do you get your page to a top position? This might seem a bit of a catch-22, but it isn’t. With our help, SEO traffic has never been easier, and your page will be number one in no time.

The most important element in any SEO endeavor is the keyword. However, finding a suitable popular keyword for the area of expertise of your website might be tricky, even though it seems simple. To determine the best keyword to use, we can perform an in-depth analysis that is sure to deliver the best results. More often than not, the designed keyword for your posts brings in fair amounts of traffic. However, by performing a professional user analysis, we can determine one (or potentially a couple) of keywords that are more suited for your website.

Observing your competitors is also crucial if you want to increase website traffic. Once you established your keyword, a quick search is in order. You will notice that there are already several top-ranking sites that come up. Pages that are listed on the first page of the search engine are usually the ones users are most likely to visit. Nowadays, people lack patience, and will probably give up if what they are looking for is not in the first couple results.

We here at Polimentor believe that providing our customers with a professional analysis of their competitors is crucial. This will not only uncover the trending topics and structures for your respective domain but will also highlight your competition’s flaws. Knowing your enemy’s weak points can only make you stronger. These defects may vary. Competing pages may lack visual media or user-friendly interface. Whatever the case may be, this gives you a chance to stand out.

If you’re still wondering how to increase SEO traffic, posting great content might be one answer to this question. But it isn’t the only one. Your content might be the best in the world, and you’ll still get little to no page views if you don’t promote it. One way to improve your content is by pre-outreach. This is a service that we can provide for you. Pre-outreach involves finding websites that focus on similar content and letting them know in advance about your posts. By doing this, they are very likely to give a positive response and, once your post goes live, promote it.

If you purchase our page traffic service package, the Polimentor team will make sure to promote your website in a professional manner, using white-hat SEO techniques that abide by search engine guidelines. With our help, you will surely notice page traffic starting to rise. By employing various SEO tricks (mentioned above, but not only), but we will also get your website to #1 in no time at all.

The benefits of an increase in page traffic are evident. More traffic means more popularity, and more fame brings more users. A high-ranking website equals a very profitable business. As we all know, the Internet is the most important tool of the present, and most likely the future too. We here at Polimentor will bring your website up to date and project it into the future with our professional SEO traffic services. Our team of experts is the best in the business. Let us take the tedious task of page optimization off your hands. We will do it for you, and we do it well.

from 500$

Ideal solution for small, medium and large businesses.


Starting from the second stage (after installation) you pay only for the positions actually brought to the top or drawn traffic. No fixed payments without reference to the result.


Free adjustment of Google Analytics goals to track achievement of users target actions and continuous work on conversions increase.


Opportunity to edit your site pages for more convenient usage of resources by your visitors. This has a positive effect on both Seo results, and on conversion of visitors into buyers.


Your project has a team of specialists: a seo-expert, an analyst, a copywriter, a programmer and a project manager. At the same time there are no additional payments or expenditures for the work of any of them. The cost of your project promotion includes all types of works


Increase of the targeted visitors flow to the website due to the broad coverage of key requests on the resource subject.


For external optimization texts are written with references to selling queries. They are placed on carefully selected thematic areas. Our professionals take a careful approach in texts creation. You get interesting articles for your clients, and not a bag of words for search engines.


This is an opportunity of complex work in conjunction with other marketing tools that you use. Our team will select a pool of key phrases so that not to interfere with paid requests of your advertising campaign and to cover as much as possible a general list of questions in your niche. And the accounts you use in social networks will only add confidence by the search engines to your site.


At the strategy stage the project team solves the main task of the project: identification and selection of the target audience for your product. After selecting the target audience and determine its needs that can be satisfied by your promoted product, we make a detailed work plan for the project, which will allow you to see and understand every step of our work.


Strategy is important because the resources available to achieve these goals are usually limited. Many companies use strategies to set goals Strategy generally involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. A strategy describes how the ends (goals) will be achieved by the means (resources).


Any actions and results on any project stage are controlled by not only the responsible manager, but also quality control staff. Any results of the project can be evaluated on a 10-point system. In case of getting low ratings on any of these indicators, the project will be put under senior specialist control, as well as a dedicated quality control specialist will be added to the project.


A detailed analysis of the project, completed with customer comments regarding the results and attracted profit, is needed for adjusting the initial project plan to achieve better results in the next project. These changes may include changing the target audience, changes in the dialogue with a client, use of additional tools to attract consumers etc.

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