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We are ready to boost sales with a help of our call-center.

Paying for the result sounds intriguing! But what does that mean?

By paying for the result we mean paying for a confirmed order: no payment is made if the order is not confirmed. Everything is very simple and transparent. You only pay for those orders which bring you real profit here and now, and for you it does not matter how much time the operator spent talking to a customer who placed no order in the end.

If your aim is to steadily raise the conversion level and increase the number of confirmed orders, then this is just what you need – after all our motivation in this case is obvious!

How does it work?

It’s all very simple. You only need to provide initial statistics on the project, based on which our experts will devise a work strategy and determine the cost of 1 confirmed order. After agreeing all terms, the project is rolled out in test mode for a pre-agreed limited period of time.

Working for the result from the get-go!

From day one, we are prepared to work with payment per confirmed order - no pilot projects with minute by minute payment and additional expenses for you. From the first month you pay only for what brings you real money!

We only have the test period to analyze initial data and determine the final cost of the confirmed order, taking into account the peculiarities of the work of our experts (we might offer you an even more attractive price after analysis!)

We won’t neglect the quality issue!

When working with payment for the result, we continue to adhere to all quality standards used within the company. With this form of cooperation, your personal account remains at your disposal and so at any moment you can listen to any call of any operator and see for yourself the transparency of the working conditions and the fulfilment of KPI conditions.

What if we need confirmation with a higher average bill?

Of course we can! We are willing to offer this format to those not aiming for just confirmation of the order as such, but aiming to sell with the highest average bill (those who work with hot sellers and one pagers understand!) For such partners, we have developed a special pricing scheme such that the cost of one order almost covers our costs, and up-sellers are the primary source of income - again, our motivation is obvious and that’s also just what you need!

Try it and assess all the advantages of this format!

only $775

Ideal solution for small, medium and large businesses. 


We understand the importance of every employer to be focused on the achievement of positive end result, working for the good of our clients and partners. For this purpose, our HR department selects only qualified specialists, who are open for new challenges and professional growth. We have a specially developed methodology and system of trainings, allowing us constantly keep track of employees’ progress and results.


All calls, received by our operators, are monitored by the supervisors. This gives the possibility to correct timely the logic, content and form of the conducted conversation. Moreover, every call center manager follows the standards and policy of your company. They are specially trained for that before getting to work. Managers undergo regular tests and checks which are controlled rigorously.


Life-long learning and continues self-development is what makes the professional workers stand out. We care about the image of your company, to a certain extent also created by our specialists, and that is why all of our employees attend seminars and work-shops necessary for their growth and advancement. You may be sure that we keep pace with the modern strategies of professional development and our workers are well-qualified to provide you the best services in our sphere.


For your convenience we make a detailed report, analyzing the statistics of calls, information, complains or contact data received. Using this information, you can easily lead your business in the necessary direction, following up the progress and changes occurring after one or another of taken actions. Recommendations and suggestions from our experts will also be of a great use for you, especially if you do not have a possibility to hire one on a full-time basis.


For the e-commerce, website conversion is one of the major characteristics describing the performance and success of the business. We strive to increase this index using different tools and strategies and involving specialists of different spheres. At the same time tracing the project at all stages, eliminates the problems at the very beginning, improving project’s performance and opening up new frontiers.


Nowadays, the economic environment is evolving so fast, that the ability to change and adapt has become a crucial one. We provide our clients 24/7 support and availability, which enables them to react quickly to the events and introduce necessary corrections or improvements, thus remaining well-informed and ready for any circumstances occurring.


Each of our clients gets a personal manager who is leading his/her project and is ready to help with any issues upcoming. Supervisors are always open-minded and can be easily reached for a consultation or problem solving. We understand the importance of this person in project realization that is why our partners are working only with proficient and competent managers.


One of our main work tactics is conversation recording. This helps us to analyze the situation later on, correcting or changing some significant points, dealing with misunderstandings or disputes and avoiding similar accidents in future. At the same time, you can control the whole process and adjust it at any time.