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Telemarketing (or telesales) is an effective way of phone sales. For the first time it was introduced in the middle of 20-th century and nowadays it hasn’t lost its significance. Telesales has turned into a special sort of art and its growing popularity only proves this fact.

Telemarketing is mainly focused on distribution of information about your product and services to new and existing customers. It deals with client attraction and retention, as well as gathering feedback from them.

Being an efficient tool of marketing, telesales requires a well-build strategy and a considerable amount of time. We offer to our partners a high-quality communication with customers on phone. Leave all cold calls and presentation of your products to us and we will make sure that your employees are engaged only in contract conclusion, passing in your hands only those clients who are willing to cooperate.

Before the start of each project we carry out an adaptation of the prepared script and make 10-15 free calls to evaluate the approximate performance of the project. We are interested in long-term cooperation, aiming to achieve the maximum results from work, so that you can get the desired effect.

There are several more methods of promoting your product, such as contextual advertising or SEO-tools. But compared to them, telemarketing has a number of significant benefits:

  • direct live communication with a potential client that allows you to adapt quickly the communication scheme according to the customer’s needs and answer all the arising questions;
  • timely adjustment of the customer base, identifying the potential customer segment, the possibility of a personalized offers based on the client's interests;
  • it does not take much effort and time and does not require significant financial expenses.

This type of services allows you to spend your time and money rationally. As a result – your demand and sales rates grow up and the level of customer loyalty increases.

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Ideal solution for small, medium and large businesses. 


We understand the importance of every employer to be focused on the achievement of positive end result, working for the good of our clients and partners. For this purpose, our HR department selects only qualified specialists, who are open for new challenges and professional growth. We have a specially developed methodology and system of trainings, allowing us constantly keep track of employees’ progress and results.


All calls, received by our operators, are monitored by the supervisors. This gives the possibility to correct timely the logic, content and form of the conducted conversation. Moreover, every call center manager follows the standards and policy of your company. They are specially trained for that before getting to work. Managers undergo regular tests and checks which are controlled rigorously.


Life-long learning and continues self-development is what makes the professional workers stand out. We care about the image of your company, to a certain extent also created by our specialists, and that is why all of our employees attend seminars and work-shops necessary for their growth and advancement. You may be sure that we keep pace with the modern strategies of professional development and our workers are well-qualified to provide you the best services in our sphere.


For your convenience we make a detailed report, analyzing the statistics of calls, information, complains or contact data received. Using this information, you can easily lead your business in the necessary direction, following up the progress and changes occurring after one or another of taken actions. Recommendations and suggestions from our experts will also be of a great use for you, especially if you do not have a possibility to hire one on a full-time basis.


For the e-commerce, website conversion is one of the major characteristics describing the performance and success of the business. We strive to increase this index using different tools and strategies and involving specialists of different spheres. At the same time tracing the project at all stages, eliminates the problems at the very beginning, improving project’s performance and opening up new frontiers.


Nowadays, the economic environment is evolving so fast, that the ability to change and adapt has become a crucial one. We provide our clients 24/7 support and availability, which enables them to react quickly to the events and introduce necessary corrections or improvements, thus remaining well-informed and ready for any circumstances occurring.


Each of our clients gets a personal manager who is leading his/her project and is ready to help with any issues upcoming. Supervisors are always open-minded and can be easily reached for a consultation or problem solving. We understand the importance of this person in project realization that is why our partners are working only with proficient and competent managers.


One of our main work tactics is conversation recording. This helps us to analyze the situation later on, correcting or changing some significant points, dealing with misunderstandings or disputes and avoiding similar accidents in future. At the same time, you can control the whole process and adjust it at any time.


At the strategy stage the project team solves the main task of the project: identification and selection of the target audience for your product. After selecting the target audience and determine its needs that can be satisfied by your promoted product, we make a detailed work plan for the project, which will allow you to see and understand every step of our work.


During the implementation phase the project team moves to the goal points, clearly following the agreed plan. All the work is complemented with detailed reportins, which are provided to the partner on a requested schedule. In case of need to add any changes to the initial project strategy - it can be made after a consultation with the responsible manager.

Any actions and results on any project stage are controlled by not only the responsible manager, but also quality control staff. Any results of the project can be evaluated on a 10-point system. In case of getting low ratings on any of these indicators, the project will be put under senior specialist control, as well as a dedicated quality control specialist will be added to the project.

A detailed analysis of the project, completed with customer comments regarding the results and attracted profit, is needed for adjusting the initial project plan to achieve better results in the next project. These changes may include changing the target audience, changes in the dialogue with a client, use of additional tools to attract consumers etc.


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