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A virtual assistant is a person who receives and processes incoming calls and messages, then forwarding information to the director or other managers. Using this service, you are informed of all significant events and have the possibility to give prompt instructions to the officer responsible for this or that domain (based in remote locations), answer calls and forward messages.

The remote office presents the following opportunities:

  • direct dial number and international numbers (if necessary);
  • setting of the voice menu (IVR);
  • voicemail recording;
  • forwarding calls to your mobile or other numbers;
  • training and certification of operators in your project;
  • answering the incoming calls from clients according to the agreed schedule, including the possibility of the twenty-four-hour work schedule on your project;
  • immediate notification of the incoming orders: by e-mail, Skype, SMS, mobile communication or by other means as agreed;
  • total transparency: statistics on the calls received, their recording and detailed report on each of the calls.

Furthermore, the contact center has no lunch breaks, weekends or holidays. Working 24/7, not a single call is missed. This is especially important while dealing with partners, for example, when the difference in time prevents normal exchange of information, documents or calls. Also a virtual secretary means the absence of problems with vacations, sick and maternity leaves.

Remote secretary is especially useful for those business representatives, who care about their corporate image and want to position themselves as responsible and intelligent person.

The service of Virtual assistant creates an effective filter for all incoming information. You may be sure: no call, no byte of information is missed. Virtual Office will take them to process and forward to you or any of your employees.

only $590

Ideal solution for small, medium and large businesses. 


Daily monitoring of conversion rate, upsell and cross-sallings on your project. Systematic work on conversion increase for your online store.


You pay only for the time that was actually used for communication with clients by the project operator during the reporting period. No payment for down-time of your managers at the workplace.


Project preparation takes from 2 up to 5 days. This is the ideal way to test quickly a call center for your business.


Complete adjustment of the whole infrastructure for calls receiving, distribution and forwarding (any difficulty) + setting of answering machine (IVR), if necessary.


Ability to track the total traffic and each call of the project with a help of user-friendly interface of personal account. Recording of any of the calls is accessible within a mouse click.


Work with traffic from 1000 to 100 000 minutes per month. Flexibility to adjust and add capacities when needed.


Listening to the operator’s calls, assessment of call’s specifications, monthly client survey for service compliance with the initial expectations and requirements.


Ongoing process of staff development through work-shops and trainings on the project subjects, sales, client orientation, handling objections, etc.


Reduction of costs due to absence of paid holidays, sick leaves, compulsory leaves + payment only for actually worked time + a chance to set in advance the limit on call duration, which will be followed by the operators in every conversation.


At the strategy stage the project team solves the main task of the project: identification and selection of the target audience for your product. After selecting the target audience and determine its needs that can be satisfied by your promoted product, we make a detailed work plan for the project, which will allow you to see and understand every step of our work.


During the implementation phase the project team moves to the goal points, clearly following the agreed plan. All the work is complemented with detailed reportins, which are provided to the partner on a requested schedule. In case of need to add any changes to the initial project strategy - it can be made after a consultation with the responsible manager.

Any actions and results on any project stage are controlled by not only the responsible manager, but also quality control staff. Any results of the project can be evaluated on a 10-point system. In case of getting low ratings on any of these indicators, the project will be put under senior specialist control, as well as a dedicated quality control specialist will be added to the project.

A detailed analysis of the project, completed with customer comments regarding the results and attracted profit, is needed for adjusting the initial project plan to achieve better results in the next project. These changes may include changing the target audience, changes in the dialogue with a client, use of additional tools to attract consumers etc.


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